Home refurbishment


Home refurbishment begins at the design stage – we will provide you with a realistic (3D) representation of our design, as well as the complete technical documentation and a detailed quote. We’ll create a bespoke construction and refurbishment project for you that involves a combination of different techniques & works.

Our team is ready to discuss your project in detail, and offer you a solution that will meet your desires and price range. We have developed a range of package deals with different prices and timescales as well.


 BASIC           FULL           LUXURY 


Full house refurbishment is the option that we would recommend to the residents of old houses.


The home refurbishment process includes the correction of any faults in the original construction – changes to the internal planning of your home, reinforcement of the walls and floors, heating installation, sound proofing, the resizing and correction of window and door frames along with the dividing of walls. All windows, doors, radiators and old piping will be replaced. The electrical systems are fully or partially replaced, and we’ll provide soundproofing, insulation and waterproofing works if you would like us to. A full refurbishment will enlarge your living space, transforming it so that it provides maximum comfort and convenience. We carry out any architectural and structural changes required by the client. Our full refurbishment service includes:

•    Interior design
•    The replacement or repair of heating, plumbing, 
•    Underfloor heating installation, 
•    Ventilation and water supply systems
•    Deconstruction – removal of old and damaged flooring:
•    Doors and windows
•    The installation of new floors, walls and ceilings
•    The preparation and smoothing of walls:
•    Floor and ceiling reinforcement
•    The replacement of doors and windows
•    Construction of new architectural features
•    The installation of dividing walls
•    Construction of suspended ceilings
•    Wallpapering
•    Painting
•    Tiling
•    Plastering
•    Electrical fixtures
•    Bathroom reconstruction
•    Kitchen refurbishment
•    Delivery of materials
•    High quality materials
•    Rubbish clearance
•    Cleaning up
•    5 year warranty


You will be provided with an extremely high standard of workmanship to an agreed timescale and a guaranteed result.

We value our reputation, which is why we offer you only the best!


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